Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Vatican's Gig Is Up In Ireland

Prime Minister Enda Kenny made it abundantly clear that Ireland will no longer let the Vatican have its way with the Irish. The Prime Minister reclaimed his people from the dark side of the Vatican and the Irish government is in the process of removing the Vatican's last bastion of control over its citizens by secularizing  its educational system. Currently the Catholic Church runs 90% of the schools in Ireland.

Prime Minister Kenny hit the mark most politicians ignore: the Vatican has powerfully positioned itself on the backs of its voiceless laity, holding it hostage for political diplomacy and financial greed.

In an unprecedented smoke and mirrors tactic, the Vatican has convinced unwitting heads of state that it is a country. The implication being there are citizens of the Vatican.  The truth of the matter is, there are no Vatican citizens other than the Catholic hierarchy. Members of the worldwide Catholic Church do not reside in the Vatican; they are citizens of countries around the world. Those countries have rules and consequences for breaking the rules. Protecting children tops the list.

The Vatican didn't bank on those tortured and abused children growing up, voting and having a voice heard round the world. Thank God for the Irish!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Peter Pence Pockets Pinched

The Holy See is back in the black primarily due to record ticket sales at Vatican museums and the Vatican Bank kicking in US$79.9 million for charitable works.

The bad news for the Vatican and the Catholic Church is the US$22 million lost in the Peter Pence Collection, the account held for donations from worldwide lay members earmarked for charitable work. In previous years, the United States accounted for 26% of those donations.

The Vatican did not give an explanation of why losses were so high in the Peter Pence Collection but one can guess it has to do with the faithful whose eyes and ears have been opened to the Church's hypocrisy and arrogance in handling thousands of scandals involving Church clerics and hierarchy.

Following Catholic procedure of no transparency, the Vatican did not issue the report at a press conference so there's no more information.

Consider this: In June 2010, the grassroots group, Send the Bishops a Me$$sage, launched a national campaign urging parishioners to re-direct their donations from the Peter Pence Collection to non-church charities.  The group believes using money is the only way to communicate dissatisfaction with Church officials.

Send the Bishops a Me$$age brings up an issue of interest on its website:
  • "Lay Catholics have no rights. They are to pray, pay and obey...Lay Catholics have no elections, recall procedures or impeachment processes that allow them to replace those in authority."
Pope Benedict XVI's pumped up campaign efforts to bring back the lapsed Catholics may get them to pray and obey but will he get them to pay?

Friday, July 1, 2011

The Roman Catholic Church wants us to believe it's rid its ranks of pedophile priests and all the cover ups have been uncovered but more bombs are dropping daily.

This week Dan Rather Reports on HDNet aired an investigation of the Los Angeles Diocese protecting, harboring and ultimately abetting yet another LA pedo-priest at the same time Cardinal Roger Mahoney declared his "zero tolerance" policy on child molestation. The program Dan Rather Reports: All Is Not Forgiven will air again Saturday, July 2, 2011 at 12:00PM ET on HDNet.

Meanwhile in Chicago, Judge Jeffrey Lawrence issued a statement all but calling the Jesuits liars after reviewing testimony and granting plaintiffs punitive damages in their case against the Chicago Province of the Society of Jesus.

The Kansas City Diocese is being sued for violation of federal child pornography laws.

The list keep growing. The financial awards to plaintiffs keep growing. The lies and denials of the Catholic Church keep growing. An finally the concerns of the insurance companies making all those payouts for defense lawyers and settlements are growing.

The U.S. Fidelity & Guaranty Company, insurer of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington, Vermont, has petitioned the federal court there to absolve it from five new civil cases filed against the Catholic Church. In short, the insurance company is fed up paying claims for child molestation. Certainly that petition has grabbed the attention of the Catholic hierarchy. Will the Vermont decision, if granted, open the floodgates to other insurers ultimately leaving the Catholic Church alone to pay for its sins?