Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Vatican's Gig Is Up In Ireland

Prime Minister Enda Kenny made it abundantly clear that Ireland will no longer let the Vatican have its way with the Irish. The Prime Minister reclaimed his people from the dark side of the Vatican and the Irish government is in the process of removing the Vatican's last bastion of control over its citizens by secularizing  its educational system. Currently the Catholic Church runs 90% of the schools in Ireland.

Prime Minister Kenny hit the mark most politicians ignore: the Vatican has powerfully positioned itself on the backs of its voiceless laity, holding it hostage for political diplomacy and financial greed.

In an unprecedented smoke and mirrors tactic, the Vatican has convinced unwitting heads of state that it is a country. The implication being there are citizens of the Vatican.  The truth of the matter is, there are no Vatican citizens other than the Catholic hierarchy. Members of the worldwide Catholic Church do not reside in the Vatican; they are citizens of countries around the world. Those countries have rules and consequences for breaking the rules. Protecting children tops the list.

The Vatican didn't bank on those tortured and abused children growing up, voting and having a voice heard round the world. Thank God for the Irish!

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